Internationalism and not globalization! Victory to the peoples NO!

Internationalism and not globalization! Victory to the peoples NO!

The Italian referendum comes at a time when the question of change arises from the people when they are being asked -therefore it is very important for Europe. A vote for NO will be another slap in the system, the upholders of globalization and its most advanced form of it in Europe, the EU as well as the hard core of the euro.

We witness that in the British referendum, the US elections and the growing trend of Euroscepticism there are forces trying to sidetrack the rage against globalization and the call for change towards nationalism and racism.

The left and the progressive forces have lost -since decades- precious time. While there was an obvious constraint of democracy and popular sovereignty, and a transfer of powers to the dark corridors of Brussels, while it was obvious that the euro was a Deutsche Mark in disguise -suitable for the German economy but not for other countries- , while the extreme austerity and the neoliberal reforms under the EU stability pact and the memoranda in southern countries - especially in Greece - is a counter-revolution of capital against the forces of labor, instead the majority of the left in Europe adopted a policy of wishful thinking to reform EU and the euro. The left was asking for more globalization of the capital and forgot about the internationalism of peoples and workers. But internationalism with the European Central Bank, the inequality caused by the Euro in southern countries, the EU institutions which are made by the banks for the banks, such an internationalism cannot exist.

The exit for every country and the dissolution of the Eurozone and the clash with the EU is not national entrenchment and isolationism. As long as democratic forces lead that struggle. The peoples vote for NO suggest that now is the time for the maximum coordination between the left, the democrats and the movements with the ultimate objective the dissolution of the euro and the questioning of EU rules such as the Stability Pact.

The people of Greece look to the referendum in Italy for another reason. That is because its own NO was betrayed and became a YES by SYRIZA. People in Greece hope that a possible Italian NO will cause another rift in the EU and the euro.

We stand in solidarity with our Italian brothers against nationalism and segregation of peoples that the EU brings.

For real internationalism, against the EU monster and the forces that support it!

Victory to the NO in Italy!

Paremvasi - current of Popular Unity-Greece

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